Protect Your Network & Customers Against:

  • Fraud
  • Phishing
  • Account Takeovers
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Take Passwordless Security to Another Level

  • No passwords to store or hack
  • Increase brand trust
  • Eliminate secret questions/KBA
  • Easy to integrate FIDO2 authentication solution
  • Confirm its your customer registering a device
  • Users add/replace devices with biometric certainty – no customer support required
  • Make sure it’s your customer completing higher risk transactions
  • Gain a biometric audit trail of transactions
  • Phishing resistant cryptographic security
  • Eliminate vulnerable password databases
  • Protect users and systems against account takeovers, sim swap attacks
  • Payment Security Directive2 Compliant
  • Reduce costs by eliminating password resets
  • Improve helpdesk efficiency
  • Meet PSD2 payment regulations for strong authentication

AuthentifID Offers a Seamless, Secure, Passwordless Experience

Step 1

  • User receives push notification to set up passwordless login
  • User Provides Consent for ID and Selfie Capture

Step 2

  • Official ID Scanned
  • ID Photo and Data Extracted

Step 3

  • Quick Selfie Snapped
  • Active Liveness Validated

Step 4

  • Biometric Matching of Selfie to Credential Photo
  • AI-Liveness and Anti-Spoofing Confirmation
  • FIDO2 Crypto Keys established
  • Digital Chain of Trust between your customer, their account & their device is established

See the Benefits of AuthentifID Quickly

  • Configure a simple, fast, and highly secure FIDO2 strong authentication tool into any website or mobile app
  • Gain significant cost-savings by eliminating password reset costs and improving helpdesk efficiency
  • Bind customer’s to their FIDO2 Registered device using their Proofed identity.
  • Provide on-going account security for higher risk transactions

Ready to Eliminate Passwords and Drive Digital Trust?

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