Gartner®: Identity-First Security Maximizes Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Cloud-services, remote access, and digital supply chains have made legacy security controls, passwords and 2FA obsolete. Get the latest identity-first security insight from Gartner®.

Discover why identity is now the primary control plane for cybersecurity and how to put identity at the core of your cybersecurity strategy.

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Gartner®, Innovation Insight for Biometric Authentication, Ant Allan, Tricia Phillips, 22 April 2022

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What Will You Learn?

  • Discover recommendations for identity-first security. Learn how this approach is different from past reliance on static perimeter controls.
  • Learn about the “three C’s” and how to achieve identity-first security by focusing and applying their principles to your cybersecurity planning.
  • Identify common pitfalls when implementing identity-first security principles.
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