Fortify Passkeys with Human Factor Authentication™ – the Next Gen MFA

Put a halt to phishing attacks, unauthorized access, and account takeovers. Human Factor Authentication (HFA) fortifies strong FIDO2 passwordless authentication with cloud-biometric security to know the human behind the device, anywhere.

Know the Device, Know the Person. Get Started with HFA™ Today.

Defend your enterprise platform for both workforce and customer applications against unauthorized access with Human Factor Authentication.

Eliminate passwords with secure FIDO2 passkeys that keep your workforce focused on work and your customers happy.

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HFA Delivers:

Unphishable Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Portable Passwordless Authentication with FIDO2 Passkeys – Across All Devices

Secure Self-Service Account Recovery & Device Add

Adaptive Biometric Authentication for High-Risk Activity

Flexible Integration Options (OIDC or API)