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ID Global Solutions Corporation Announces Launch of its IDComplete Solution Focused on Eliminating Credit Card Fraud in the USA

ID Global Solutions Corporation (OTC: IDGS), a company focused on fraud management and global payment solutions, announces the launch of IDComplete, its state of the art, encrypted, highly secure, patent pending, real-time, out of band, multi-factor, multi-user, pin-based verification solution.

IDComplete can enhance the security of existing non-chip and new chip cards at the issuer level by providing consumers the ability to authorize card present and card not present transactions in real time using their registered smartphones.

The IDComplete solution operates within the guidelines of existing Cardholder Association rules and does not require any software modifications within the acquiring network or merchant point of sale terminals.

IDComplete utilizes a token vault technology and out of band three factor authentication to enable secure real-time cardholder verification. On a registered smartphone, the cardholder is presented in real-time through a push notification, the merchant’s name, transaction amount, and is provided the option to approve or deny the transaction. IDComplete offers equivalent security measures to that of online chip pin block.

Mr. Thomas Szoke, Chief Executive Officer of ID Global Solutions Corporation said, 
”The goal of IDComplete is to eliminate card fraud, which has benefits for all players in the transaction process including issuers, merchants, consumers, acquiring banks, as well as payment gateways and mobile payment platform providers.”

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IDGS provides multi-functional secure payment solutions for open and closed electronic payment transaction networks. The company is focused on the growing need for fraud protection and identity verification solutions. IDGS was founded to pioneer key innovative approaches for the development, integration, and delivery of advanced digital identification solutions.

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Thomas Szoke President / CEO
Email: ThomasSzoke@IDGlobal.com
Corporate Phone: +1-(407)-951-8640
More Info: http://www.IDGLOBAL.com

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