Replace Frustrating
One-Time Passwords.

Get Rid of Vulnerable Knowledge Based Authentication.

Seamless Mobile Facial Biometrics Enhances User Authentication

Eliminate legacy authentication services. Transform the user authentication experience. Mobile facial biometric authentication offers a more secure alternative to one-time passwords and knowledge based authentication solutions, and drives customer trust.

Your Users –  employees, third-party vendors and customers—quickly capture a selfie in their trusted mobile device to authenticate identity and verify system logon, account changes and business transactions. Reduce fraud, gain increased efficiencies and receive a ‘biometric’ audit trail of consent to any transaction.

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Mobile Biometric Authentication Streamlines Customer Support, Enhances Security & Creates a Trusted Customer Experience

Reduce password resets. Gain more trusted user logins.

Stop fraudulent account takeover in its tracks and reduces your out-of-pocket fraud losses.

Add new layers of security while driving customer support operating efficiencies.

Know with biometric certainty who your customers are.

Mobile Facial Biometric Authentication Eliminates Weak Knowledge Based Authentication.

  • Replace Passwords with Seamless Biometric Account Logons & Updates
  • Streamline Caller and Online Chat Identity Authentication
  • Secure A Biometric Audit Trail For Authentication of High-Value Transactions, Money Transfers, & Stock Trades
  • Reduce Corporate Phishing Attacks and Securing Business-to-Business Transactions

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