Stop Cyberattacks that Exploit Human Behavior

Legacy Multi-Factor Authentication falls short of protecting against today’s sophisticated social engineering attacks. Verified Biometric Authentication closes security gaps for both enterprise workforce and consumers by combining passwordless authentication with biometric security, to confirm the human behind the device.

Verified replaces vulnerable OTPs and KBA with fortified security and enhanced user trust. Users quickly capture a selfie to authenticate identity and verify system access, account changes and transactions. Stop fraud and receive a ‘biometric’ audit trail for any transaction.

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Recognise Your Customer

Streamline Customer Support, Enhance Security with Trusted Authentication Experiences

Reduce password resets. Gain more trusted user logins.

Add new layers of security. Stop MFA fatigue. Enhance productivity.

Stop account takeover and unauthorized access. Authenticate the human, not just the device.

Know with biometric certainty the human who is accessing your system.

Biometric Authentication Fortifies CIAM Security

  • Replace KBA and OTPs with Seamless Biometric Authentication
  • Streamline Caller and Online Chat Identity Authentication
  • Secure A Biometric Authentication Audit Trail for Privileged Access & High Risk Transactions
  • Reduce Phishing and Smishing Attacks. Stop MFA Bypass

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