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Proof is Perfect for:

  • “Know Your Customer” (KYC) Process
  • New Customer Application and Enrollment
  • New Employee and Student Onboarding
  • Account Opening and Closing
  • Sale of Age-Restricted Product
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Enjoy the Highest Level of Integrity and Assurance

Onboard users with high-speed, accurate biometric matching

Protect against stolen identities with AI liveness and anti-spoofing confirmation

Eliminate in-person visits when you digitally confirm an official ID anywhere

Launch end-to-end biometric proofing easily integrated by REST API’s

Offer quick, low-friction user experiences on their trusted mobile device

Customize Your Proof Solution

Integrate quickly using our IDaaS Platform’s RESTFul API’s, deliver seamless user experiences with our mobile browser option or with the Ipsidy mobile app. Leverage integrated OCR document capture and automated AI-liveness.

Easily add document verification with trusted data sources:

  • Government Registries for National IDs
  • Unique algorithms for US, Canadian and Mexican driver’s licenses
  • World-wide Digital Signature and associated trust chain validation and NFC scans of all chip-based passports (e-MRTDs)
Launch Proof immediately with the Identity Portal
  • No Integration required with a turnkey biometric solution

Identity Trust Across The Customer Lifecycle

Once a proofed identity is secured…why stop there? Verified by Ipsidy helps you extend the value of that proofed identity to seamlessly gain consent on valued transactions. Reduce fraud throughout the customer lifecycle when you harness the simplicity of biometric, multi-factor authentication (MFA) protection

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