Stop Identity Fraud with Biometric Identity Verification
for Remote Onboarding

Mobile Biometric Identity Proofing Creates Digital Trust

With identity theft and account takeover on the rise, can you really trust anyone online is who they claim to be? Now with the simplicity of a photo ID and mobile facial biometric identity proofing, your users can verify themselves anywhere, anytime. New users quickly capture their identity document and a selfie in a web browser on any mobile device or desktop, from anywhere in the world. Proof by authID matches the selfie against the picture extracted from the identity document, and verifies the user is who they say they are. Step up digital identity trust with automated identity document authentication, including as validating identities against government registries and driver’s license authentication for US, Canada or Mexico.

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Online Identity Proofing with
Speed, Accuracy, Security & Trust

Secure & Speed Up Remote Identity Verification for Online Enrollments.

Remote Identity Document Authentication, from Anywhere in the World.

Automatically Extract & Import Identity Credential Data for Streamlined User Onboarding.

Reduce Fraud.
Weed Out the Bad Guys.
Enroll Good Users with Trust.

Add Biometric Certainty to Remote Identity Verification

  • Identity Verification for Remote Onboarding of New Customers with Digital Trust
  • Streamlined Know Your Customer” (KYC) Processes
  • Identity Verification for Mobile Banking Customers
  • Customer Identity Verification for Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer Apps
  • New Employee Identity Verification for Digital Onboarding
  • Driver’s License Authentication for KYC Processes
  • Age Verification for Sale of Age-Restricted Products
  • Age Verification for Online Gaming

Learn how HRB leveraged Verified™ to defend against the risks of passwords, phishing, and account takeovers with seamless, FIDO2-certified passwordless login to the HRB online banking portal.

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“Providing our valued customers with a seamless identity experience was paramount to our digital transformation and growth. authID helped HRB comply with rigorous regulatory programs through secure, identity verification and facial biometric matching of the customer. Biometric authentication has helped us eliminate passwords, and secure critical customer transactions. We look forward to expanding our collaboration with authID to support our rapid global expansion into new markets.”

Prabhakar Kaza, CEO at HRB

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