Enhance Auth0 MFA Workflows With Advanced Facial Biometrics

Eliminate password, fraud and account takeover risks.

Secure your Auth0 MFA Workflows in B2B, B2C and B2E Environments

Verified CloudConnect for Auth0 leverages in-browser captured selfies as a second factor for authentication and access.
Get started quickly with a simple, drop-in biometric solution, integrated seamlessly with the Auth0 platform.

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Expand the flexibility of the Auth0 platform to support
every device, customer, and employee.

Cloud-based, facial-biometric authentication supported in-browser on any device offers seamless, portable identity verification that meets the demands of your ever-mobile employees, users and customers.

Stop Fraudster Enrollment

Verified CloudConnect stops fraudulent enrollment into your Auth0 MFA workflow by requiring users to validate initial login and individual transactions that demand certainty.

Reduce MFA Fatigue

Verified CloudConnect for Auth0 reduces MFA fatigue by replacing the most annoying part of the authentication workflow, OTPs with a familiar, easily adoptable action – a selfie.

Employ Portable Identities

Your users work, shop, and connect with you on various devices. Verified secures SSO access from any device and across the platforms users leverage for work and play.

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Verified CloudConnect for Auth0


Get started quickly via a simple drop-in solution that supports defense in depth with minimal resource investment.

Without Bias

Perform proprietary measurements to create one-to-one biometric templates to identify users across all demographics with the same level of ease and certainty.

Mobile Identity.
Trust on First Use

Secure authentication and access from any device and across platforms-even on first use without any additional hardware or resource dedication.

Protect User

Leverages encrypted biometric templates to deliver strong authentication without storing and processing PII data.

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