Secure Digital Identity Across the Customer Journey

Speed up online account onboarding, defend against password risks and stop fraudulent account takeovers.

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Fortified Identity Security.
Enhanced Customer Trust.

Verified CloudConnect for FinServ delivers in-browser facial biometrics that defend your platform against fraud and account takeover.

Learn how Hamilton Reserve Bank secured their digital banking platform with biometric identity verification and now onboards good customers in minutes – not days or weeks.

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Verified CloudConnect Offers Pre-Integration to
FinServ & Identity Platforms for Digital Identity Assurance

Secure the Entire Customer Journey

From Digital Onboarding to Passwordless Login to Step-up Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication. Delivered to your customers in a browser on any mobile phone/tablet or desktop.

Stop Fraudster Enrollment

Verified CloudConnect stops fraudulent enrollment by authenticating a government-issued ID and matching the live image of the applicant to the ID in real-time.

Secure Valued Customer Transactions. Stop Account Takeover

Gain fortified defense against credential compromise. With a quick ‘live’ selfie, Verified delivers trusted facial biometric authentication that confirms the identity of the true account owner, every time.

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Eliminate Password Risks. Delight Your Customers

Bound to the proofed identity from onboarding, Verified offers FIDO2 passwordless authentication that secures your platform while meeting the ‘portability’ demands of your on-the-go customers.

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Verified CloudConnect for FinServ & FinTech

Identity Assurance
Strong Authentication

Know its really your customer accessing your banking or payment platform. Eliminate risks of vulnerable legacy authentication that simply do not authenticate the user.


Consent-based, 1:1 biometric matching authenticates users across demographics with ease and certainty. Encrypted biometric templates authenticate without storing PII data.

Mobile Identity.
Trust on First Use

Secure authentication and access from any device and across platforms-even on first use without any additional hardware or resource dedication.


Get started quickly with our pre-integrations that supports defense in depth with minimal resource investment.

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