Digital Identity & Transaction Authentication

Fight Account Takeover with Mobile Biometric Authentication

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Know it’s really your customer requesting an online funds transfer when they authenticate identity and provide consent using Ipsidy’s mobile, facial-biometric multi-factor authentication solution. Replace outdated two-factor authentication and frustrating SMS entry codes with the simplicity of a mobile selfie to stop identity fraud and account takeover across the customer engagement.

Know with biometric certainty it’s really your customers when they contact your online chat, request account support or make a valued money transfer. Confirm consent with secure, multi-factor authentication that drives increased assurance and reduces risk with a real-time biometric audit trail.

Authenticate Identity Anywhere, Anytime

Drive trust throughout the customer engagement

  • Online Banking and Peer-to-Peer Money Transfers
  • Stock Trades and Account Transfers
  • Mobile App/Investment/Gaming Funding
  • E-Commerce Activity
  • In-Branch, Call Center and Online Chat Customer Identification
  • Securing Account Changes, Password Resets, Wire Transfers, and Stock Trades
  • Replace Easily Forgotten Passwords With the Ease of a Selfie

Enjoy the Highest Level of Integrity and Assurance

  • Reduce Identity Fraud & Account Takeover Scams
  • Enhance Operational Efficiencies
  • Strengthen Regulatory Compliance
  • Confirm Consent and Gain A Biometric Audit Trail For Every Transaction
  • Launch Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication, Easily Integrated By REST API’s
  • Offer Quick, Seamless User Experiences On Their Trusted Mobile Device