Turn $1 to $1,00,000+ Enhance MFA Workflows With Advanced Facial Biometrics

Eliminate passwords. Stop fraud. End account takeover.

Secure MFA Workflows in B2B, B2C and B2E Environments

Verified by authID leverages in-browser captured selfies as a second factor for authentication and access.
Get started quickly with a simple, API-driven biometric solution. Verified is pre-integrated with various IAM and CIAM platforms, Microsoft Azure and Office 365, and various digital banking platforms.

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Enhanced security with increased flexibility, Verified supports
every device, customer, and employee.

Cloud-based, facial-biometric authentication supported in-browser on any device offers seamless, portable identity verification that meets the demands of your ever-mobile employees, users and customers.

Stop Fraudster Enrollment

Automate user onboarding and customer conversion by authenticating a government-issued ID and matching the live image of the applicant to the ID in real-time.

Secure Valued Customer Transactions. Stop Account Takeover

Gain fortified defense against credential compromise, and replace insecure one-time passwords. With a quick ‘live’ selfie, Verified ‘s facial biometric authentication confirms the identity of the true account owner, every time, with a real-time audit trail, helping to eliminate fraud losses and reputation damage.

Accelerate ROI. Increase Satisfaction.

Save $1 million in helpdesk OpEx for password resets with biometric self-service account recovery. Improve workforce productivity with no passwords to remember and reset. Enhance customer satisfaction with seamless identity authentication.

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Verified Fortifies Multi-Factor Authentication. Always Know Who is Behind the Device


Get started quickly with our pre-integrations that support defense in depth with minimal resource investment.

Without Bias

Perform proprietary measurements to create one-to-one biometric templates to identify users across all demographics with the same level of ease and certainty.

Portable Identity. Trust on First Use

Secure authentication and access from any device and across platforms-even on first use without any additional hardware or resource dedication.

Protect User

Leverage encrypted biometric templates to deliver strong authentication without storing and processing PII data.

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