Identity Meets Passkeys

Stop compromised credentials. Gain portable, FIDO2 authentication for every user, across every device.

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Accelerate Your Move to Zero Trust

Strong Identity Assurance

Always know it’s your authorized user – not just a device. Throw away identity assumptions with FIDO2 authentication, bound with a biometric chain of trust.

Portable Identity

Your users connect with you across many devices. Cloud biometric identity provides seamless user authentication across any mobile phone, desktop or operating systems.

Secure Account Recovery

Protect against unauthorized access. Eliminate weak recovery methods. Cloud-biometrics helps users reaffirm identity in the event of lost, stolen or replaced devices.

Explore authID’s Verified™ Identity Platform

Verified delivers strong FIDO2 passwordless authentication fortified with cloud-biometric certainty. Our digital chain of trust between enrolled identities, accounts, and devices provides strong identity assurance for every logon, interaction or transaction.

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End Compromised Credentials. Eliminate Passwords.

Verified secures access across the enterprise with FIDO2, NIST AAL 2 level authentication, fortified with a biometric chain of trust.

Defend Against Ransomware & Phishing

Verified prevents business disruption and gates critical resources. Verified links with your IAM provider to ensure only authorized access across organization or application silos.

Accelerate Move to Zero Trust Authentication

Verified shrinks trust zones, across cloud, SaaS and legacy applications. Gain enhanced identity assurance for your remote workforce and BYOD devices.

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End Account Takeover. Stop Fraud.

Verified prevents unauthorized account access and stops third-party and chargeback fraud with privacy-preserving facial biometrics as a gate to valued transactions and account activity.

Digital Transformation Enhance User Trust

Verified modernizes user touchpoints with seamless biometric step-up authentication. Gain omni-channel identity assurance, easily implemented across your chat and voice support channels.

Onboard Customers with Certainty

Verified speeds up customer conversions and weeds out fraudulent applicants. Deploy seamless registration and identity document verification for any user worldwide with an easy, browser-based experience.

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Enhance Your Solutions With Verified

Integrate Verified into your technology or cyber-security platform. Become an OEM partner and deliver strong passwordless and biometric authentication to protect your clients and the data they steward.

Sell Verified to Your Clients. Earn New Revenue.

Become a value-added resale or referral partner. Generate new revenue, without the cost or time needed to build a passwordless and biometric MFA solution on your own.

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Verified Delivers Limitless Use Cases

Launch the power of passwordless authentication and cloud biometrics to secure enterprise assets. Ensure user accounts and transactions cannot be compromised by phished passwords or identity fraud.

Reimagine Identity Authentication

Passwordless Multifactor Authentication

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Money Transfer Authentication

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Online Chat
User Verification

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Digital User Onboarding & Identity Verification

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Explore our Industry Use-Cases

Financial Services

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authID. We are Digital Identity®

Award-winning, seamless and secure identity experiences help you know it’s your authorized user – not just a device. Fortify enterprise security with portable, biometric certainty that allows your users to authenticate and recover identity, wherever and whenever.

Secure MFA Workflows in B2B, B2C, and B2E Environments

Deploy our browser-based UX presented with your brand across all users on any mobile or desktop device with just 3 lines of code. End MFA fatigue with sub 3-second authorization capture.

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Gain Strong Identity Assurance

Security, privacy, and ethical AI drive our Verified platform. Powered by patented technology, Verified is ISO 27001 certified & ISO-PAD 2&3 compliant. Our ethical AI delivers seamless, user authentication across all demographics, with the same level of ease and certainty.

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Designed for Developers

Launch Verified quickly with our Cloud-Connect, OIDC and IAM integrations. Customize your solution with our powerful API options.

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