Prevent unauthorized access
and business disruption.

Eliminate passwords. End compromised credentials.

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Trusted Identity Proofing.
Secure Identity Authentication.

Launch the power of mobile facial biometrics to deliver seamless identity fraud protection across the digital identity lifecycle. Onboard customers with ease. Weed out the bad guys early. Ensure user accounts and transactions cannot be compromised by account takeover or identity fraud.

Real-time Certainty for Valued Transactions

Gain increased assurance with cloud-based biometric authentication of high-risk transactions.

  • Reduce risk with a real-time, cloud-based biometric audit trail
  • Drive customer trust with proactive transaction verification
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Real-time Certainty for Passwordless Login

Eliminate passwords with FIDO2 strong authentication tied to a trusted identity.

  • Reduce operational costs of complex password resets
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities. Stop phishing and account takeovers
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Real-time Certainty for Digital Onboarding

Confirm the identity of new users remotely- know they are who they say they are.

  • Stop identity fraud from the beginning – weed out the bad guys quickly
  • Grow your business with speed, accuracy and trust
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End-to-End Identity Authentication Platform

Global IDaaS Platform
Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Multi-national client support across systems, languages and regulations.
  • End-to-end identity solutions balance cost, IT drain and usability.
  • Flexibility for customization via low-risk API integration.

Trusted Digital Identities.
Trusted Transactions.

  • Fast, remote identity proofing and multi-factor authentication.
  • Auditable consent to everyday questions: “Who is applying online for a loan; logging into my systems; transferring funds; calling support.

Identity Assurance.
Business Growth.

  • Onboard new customers with high-speed, accurate biometric matching.
  • Reduce fraud and account takeover.
  • Extend the value of a “Proofed” identity to any transaction across customer channels.

Secure, Seamless,
“Live” User Experience.

  • Balance usability and security with low-friction mobile identity solutions.
  • Confirm the person holding the ID is present with Liveness detection and AI-powered anti-spoofing techniques.

Automated Document Validation.
Trusted Data Sources.

  • Biometric data and ID documents validated with trusted sources:
    • Government registries
    • Global validation of chip-based passports
    • Algorithms for North American driver’s licenses

Enhanced Security
and Performance.

  • Secure encryption, retention and segregation of biometric and PII data.
  • High-speed biometric matching; automated document validation.
  • Compliant with applicable data privacy and security laws.

Everyday Transactions. Limitless Use Cases.

Our mobile biometric solutions help you onboard customers and verify their presence with ease while ensuring their accounts cannot be compromised by account takeover or identity fraud. Learn how authID can help you transform identity management.

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