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Identity Authentication – Everything You Want to Know  After years of identity management actually being a thing, meaning a process and even an entire ecosystem at most enterprises, there are still people who confuse two terms: authentication and authorization. Sometimes they think that authentication is the art of determining who an individual is, because “authenticating”…

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PASSWORDLESS AUTHENTICATION – EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW Despite the endless angst over identity theft, the billions in lost assets and productivity due to breaches, the horrific news about ransomware and stolen bank accounts, countless computer users around the globe (and probably the moon) still use – passwords. And as if passwords weren’t vulnerable enough…

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What Is a Passkey? Find out from the Experts at authID

Private, Strong, and Passwordless: A Guide to Passkey Authentication While it almost seems quaint, a rather secure approach to safeguarding one’s physical keepsakes is the old-fashioned safety deposit box. It can hold deeds, family heirlooms, passports, or any number of precious items that individuals don’t trust to their own homes. Anyone wishing to retrieve these…