Biometric Authentication™ Delivers
Unphishable MFA

Close cybersecurity gaps left by legacy MFA with phishing-resistant passwordless authentication backed by a biometric chain of trust.

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of data breaches
involve compromised

-Verizon 2022 DBIR

1 in 3

Login attempts were
suspected account
takeover attempts

– 2021


Reduction in helpdesk
costs for organization
using Verified™

– authID Customer 2022

Verified Unphishable MFA Keeps Your Workforce Focused on Work Not Security

Enhance workforce productivity with Verified’s phishing-resistant, identity-first authentication, device portability, and seamless account recovery.

Verified easily integrates with industry-leading IAM & PAM providers to enhance security across  cloud, hybrid, and legacy apps and systems.

Portable, FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication – Eliminates Passwords

Cloud-Biometric Authentication – Secures Privileged Access and Lateral Movement

Adaptive MFA & Access Policy Management

Biometric Authentication

Unphishable Authentication Using Biometrics

Verified delivers Authentication that combines FIDO2 passwordless authentication with cloud biometric security, providing enhanced security over legacy MFA and increased flexibility than WebAuthn.

Identity-First Authentication

Always know it’s your authorized user – not just their device. Throw away identity assumptions with Verified’s unphishable authentication, bound with a biometric chain of trust.

Seamless Portable Identity

Cloud biometrics provide seamless user authentication across device or operating system, so employees connect using any authorized mobile device or desktop.

Secure Account Recovery

Protect against unauthorized access. Eliminate weak recovery methods. Cloud biometrics frictionlessly reaffirm user identity in the event of lost, stolen or replaced devices.

Accelerate Zero Trust With Identity-First, Phishing-Resistant Authentication

Defend against unauthorized access and lateral movement by bad actors. Verified’s device agnostic and app-free authentication protects workforce applications, platforms, and organizational data from unauthorized access and lateral movement, using NIST-compliant cryptographic standards.

Prevent Business

Validate workforce access requests with stronger and faster identity authentication. Prevent lateral movement in the event of compromise.

Secure Digital

Stop unauthorized access to cloud, SaaS and legacy applications without rewriting code or implementation complexity.

Enhance Existing
Cyber Tools

Integrate Verified™ into your existing endpoint detection tools, mobile device management tools, and more to increase the ability to stop threats in real time.

Biometric Authentication Simplifies Zero Trust Access for Every User, Any Environment

Your workforce systems include complex environments, disparate technologies, and diverse device sets. Verified’s “drop-in” capability can seamlessly integrate with your current systems, to enhance security and ensure you always know the user behind every privileged request.

Eliminate transient and implicit trust to Secure Critical Technology and Data. Shrink trust zones and defend networks and systems against lateral movement – step up to cloud biometric authentication to verify privileges, add or recover a device, or authenticate a high-risk activity.


Harden cloud, SaaS and legacy infrastructure with Zero Trust Access, adapted to any application or existing authentication workflow. No complex provisioning, infrastructure changes or additional hardware required.

Simple Zero
Trust Solution

Replace complex VPN cloud access with secure, device-agnostic biometric Authentication that works universally for everyone, everywhere.

Secure Remote
Work And BYOD

Add Unphishable MFA to your Identity-First Workforce Security Strategy

Verified eliminates the risks, hassles and costs of passwords, identifies the human behind the device, and does not use phishable factors like push notifications that are vulnerable to prompt-bombing attacks.

Seamless Experience

Support the diverse technologies driving your business with frictionless authentication for every browser, device, or location your users choose.

Biometrics for All

Verified™ same quick and accurate 1-to-1 biometric matching, that serves all employees equally, regardless of physical attributes. Encrypted storage protects against compromise or reuse.

Privacy and Ethics

authID adheres to the highest ethical standards concerning user privacy and the use of AI for accurate, fair, and equitable outcomes.

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