Secure CIAM.
Stop Fraud and Account Takeover.

Know your customer. Eliminate passwords. Step up to Biometric Authentication™.

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of banks incurred
account takeover in 2021

-Aberdeen Group

1 in 3

Login attempts were
suspected account
takeover attempts

– 2021


Reduction in helpdesk
costs for organization
using Verified™

– authID Customer 2022

Secure the Customer Journey with Strong Biometric Authentication™

Verified™ eliminates phishing risks and social engineering attacks that prey on your customers. With strong FIDO2 passwordless authentication combined with cloud biometric security and anti-spoofing liveness confirmation, Verified confirms the identity of the true account owner, every time.

Replace legacy MFA that falls short in protecting your platform and customers against today’s sophisticated social engineering. Supported in-browser on any mobile or desktop device, authID delivers unphishable passwordless authentication that reduces login friction and meets the demands of your ever-mobile customers.


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Recognise Your Customer

Reimagine Identity Authentication

  • Easy launch from any web or mobile application
  • Consent secured
  • Selfie captured
  • Biometric matching of selfie to reference template
  • AI-liveness and anti-spoofing confirmation
  • Trusted biometric MFA audit trail

Verified Stops Fraud and Account Takeover Across the Customer Engagement

  • Gain secure, self-service account recovery – replace vulnerable legacy multi-factor authentication with a secure, seamless cloud-biometric selfie
  • Replace knowledge-based authentication in call-center or online chat support centers
  • Upgrade 2FA authentication solutions with mobile facial biometric authentication to confirm consent and identity on account changes, password resets
  • Deliver trust with seamless, multi-factor authentication for high-value transactions including wire transfers, and stock trades

Enjoy our pre-built integrations with leading identity and banking platforms

Secure, Trusted Identity
Authentication & Account Recovery

Reduce enterprise support costs with trusted, biometric self-service account recovery

Eliminate vulnerable and frustrating
knowledge based authentication and one-time passwords

Know its your customer with a biometric audit trail for every authentication

Get started quickly with our i-frame user experience, easily launched from any web or mobile app platform

Value and protect customer privacy with portable, cloud-based passwordless authentication fortified with biometric security.

Delight your customers with quick, low-friction user experiences on trusted devices

Verify Identity with authID. Want to get started right away?

  • Enjoy a 14-Day Get Started Free Trial of Verified Consumer
  • Enroll up to 10 Users. Verify up to 100 Transactions
  • Access to authID Verified integration APIs
  • Access to authID documentation and sample code
  • Standard iFrame implementation and Web-User Experience
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Link Portable, Cloud-Based Biometric Authentication with

Passwordless Login

Secure FIDO2 authentication and account recovery to a trusted identity. Establish a digital chain of trust between biometrically verified users, their accounts, and their devices. Reduce operational costs by eliminating password resets and improving helpdesk efficiency.

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