Workforce Authentication

Zero-Trust Authentication Solutions

Stop Credential Compromise. Eliminate Passwords and Legacy MFA.

80%+ of cyberattacks arise from phishing, smishing, and other social engineering threats.

Cybercriminals relentlessly target your workforce and human vulnerability to compromise credentials. Today’s enterprise must deploy zero-trust authentication solutions to protect sensitive data, intellectual property, assets, and most importantly, business reputation.

authID’s Verified platform delivers unphishable MFA with Biometric Authentication. authID combines FIDO2 passwordless authentication with biometric certainty, to identify the human behind the device.

With privacy and security built in, Biometrics provides uncompromising access security, stops lateral movement of bad actors, and delivers a seamless login process that enhances employee productivity.






Data Breaches in Modern Enterprises

Enterprises have been battling phishing, ransomware, credential-based attacks, and cyberthreats for a long time. But the integration of digital technology with workflows has exponentially increased the risk of security and data breaches.

The concept of remote work has left many organizations fearing increased cyberattacks as many of them have already been victimized by this menace, causing losses worth millions of dollars.

Weak security and legacy authentication systems are giving way to workforce-led vulnerabilities that are not only exposing enterprises to higher risks of cybercrime but are also threatening businesses’ reputation, continuity, and bottom line.

Defend Against Unauthorized Access
from Every Endpoint

Strong Identity Assurance

Biometrics ensure you always know it’s your authorized user – not just their device. Eliminate passwords and throw away identity assumptions with FIDO2 passkeys, bound with a biometric chain of trust.

Portable Identity

Deliver the portability your workforce demands, using any authorized mobile device or desktop. Users can securely self-enroll additional devices anywhere, with no help desk hassles.

Secure Account Recovery

Biometrics eliminates weak recovery methods. Cloud biometrics frictionlessly reaffirm user identity in the event of lost, stolen or replaced devices.

Verified Biometric Authentication Simplifies Zero Trust Access for Every User, Any Environment

Zero-Trust MFA

Eliminate passwords and stop lateral movement by bad actors. Comply with EO-14028 with authID’s unphishable authentication. Invoke Biometrics anywhere on your network to protect on-prem or cloud resources.

Fortified Security

Verified combines NIST tested biometric authentication and i-Beta certified liveness detection AI to validate a ‘live’ authorized user is present. Prevent privilege misuse, unauthorized access, and data exfiltration. Gain better security and greater peace of mind.

Uncompromising Solutions

As a software-only solution, Verified requires no hardware investment or maintenance. Speed up enterprise security efforts and securely implement bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and self-service account recovery.

Protection Against
Prevalent Cyberthreats

Our zero-trust Biometric Authentication eliminates passwords, diffuses internal and external cyber threats, and secures access and use of sensitive assets and data, while allowing your employees to focus on work not fumbling for a password or OTP.