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Verified integrates with BeyondTrust’s Privilege Management for Windows & Mac solution that enforces least privileges across enterprise endpoints. authID delivers phishing-resistant MFA by coupling strong FIDO2 passwordless authentication with biometric certainty to know the human behind the device. With the Verified selfie as a second factor, authID offers BeyondTrust customers a strong, portable identity and secure account recovery tool.

How IT Works

  • authID binds an employee’s identity to their passkeys, creating a portable Account Biometric that can recover identity context, at any time, on any device.
  • At login, the employee is prompted to authenticate their passkey using their local device biometrics. authID validates the passkey and authenticates the user.
  • For high-risk activity, authID combines passkeys and device biometrics with live Account Biometrics, adding a second factor to verify the user behind the device.

Verified + BeyondTrust Benefits

  • Strong Identity Assurance
    End MFA Bypass attacks – bind your users to Verified’s biometric chain of trust.
  • Portable Identity
    Deliver seamless user authentication for every user and every device they use to connect.
  • Secure Account Recovery
    Reaffirm user identity using cloud biometrics in the event of a lost, stolen, or replaced device.

Workforce Benefits

  • Stop Phishing & Credential Compromise
  • End MFA Fatigue
  • Securely Enable BYOD
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Secure Account Recovery

Enterprise Benefits

  • End Lateral Movement by Bad Actors
  • Improve Adoption of Shared Devices
  • Accelerate the Move to Zero Trust
  • Lower TCO & Help Desk Costs

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