Enhance Okta IAM with Human Factor Authentication™

Eliminate passwords. Stop credential compromise. Identify the human behind the device.

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Secure B2E, B2B and B2C
Environments from Social Engineering Attacks

Phishing, smishing and vulnerable passwords drive 82% of today’s cyber attacks. Verified Human Factor Authentication (HFA) plus Okta delivers FIDO2 passwordless authentication combined with biometric certainty to authenticate the human, not just the device.

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Be “Human Secure”
Every Step of the Way

Verified CloudConnect stops cyberattacks that prey on human behavior by seamlessly authenticating the device And the human—with a live selfie—for every privileged action you define.

  • Login with FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication
  • Elevate to biometric MFA for privileged actions
  • AI-liveness & PAD anti-spoofing confirmation
  • HFA verifies the device, and the human behind the device

Eliminate Password Risks. Stop Credential Compromise

Verified plus Okta delivers FIDO2 passwordless authentication that eliminates the risks and hassles of passwords. Secure desktop and mobile workforce devices with cryptographic FIDO2 passkeys.

Seamlessly enroll users with a simple selfie captured in any browser to Human Factor Authentication.

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Human Factor Authentication for Okta

HFA – A Better Way to MFA

Gain fortified defense against credential compromise, unauthorized access and lateral movement. Legacy MFA is simply not strong enough to thwart today’s social engineering cyber attacks.

Now whenever a user requests a privileged action, Verified HFA delivers a quick selfie in-browser that authenticates the human, not just their device, every time.

Authenticate Your Workforce Wherever They’re Working

Deliver the portability your workforce demands. Stop employee MFA fatigue. HFA offers seamless authentication with a quick selfie captured in a browser on any mobile or desktop device.

Eliminate the hassles of software and hardware authenticators that limit portability. Authenticate the human behind the device and keep your workforce focused on work not security.

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Verified™ CloudConnect
for Okta

Strong Identity Assurance

Always know it’s your authorized user – not just their device. Throw away identity assumptions with Verified’s passwordless authentication bound with a biometric chain of trust.

Portable Identity

Cloud biometrics provide seamless user authentication across device or operating system, so users securely add or recover an authorized mobile device or computer.

Secure Account Recovery

Protect against unauthorized access. Eliminate weak recovery methods. Cloud biometrics frictionlessly reaffirm user identity in the event of lost, stolen or replaced devices.

Super Fast

Get started quickly with Verified CloudConnect for Okta through our OIDC integration to launch HFA and support defense in depth with minimal resource investment.

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