Crypto Identity Assurance

Secure Crypto Against Identity Fraud And Account Takeover

Eliminate passwords with Biometric Authentication™

Secure the Crypto Customer Journey

Verified delivers Biometric Authentication to protect your crypto platform from identity theft and account takeover throughout the customer lifecycle.

Speed up customer conversions. Weed out fraudulent applicants with Verified’s automated online, identity verification.  Onboard customers with biometric matching of a selfie to authenticated credentials and anti-spoofing liveness confirmation.

But why throw away that trusted identity with a password? authID uses the proofed identity to replace phishable passwords with FIDO2 passkeys, bound with a biometric chain of trust to secure valued crypto trades.

Rapid Crypto Adoption Also Drives Fraud

Rapid Cryptocurrency Adoption

Global cryptocurrency volume rose 567% from 2020 to 2021 to $15.8 trillion.

High Cryptocurrency Theft

Cryptocurrency theft saw a 516% increase from 2020 to 2021- resulting in $3.2 billion in stolen funds.

Increased Regulatory Oversight

Rapid adoption with high fraud means new regulations to ensure market transparency and protect customer assets.

The Human Problem in Cyberattacks

Today, over 80% of data breaches and ransomware is the result of social engineering attacks that target human vulnerabilities to disclose passwords and account data.

Verified solves for the human problem with Biometric Authentication. Biometrics eliminate passwords with seamless authentication and cloud-biometric security that verifies the true account owner, not just the device.

Supported in-browser on any device, Biometrics enables fast, frictionless authentication that stops bad actors from stealing credentials and valued crypto assets.




Verified’s Biometric Authentication  – The Next-Gen MFA

High Identity

Biometric Authentication combines FIDO2 passwordless authentication with cloud biometric security to identify the human behind the device, anywhere.

Automated Identity

Stop fraud at the front door. Onboard crypto customers with ease. Verified delivers automated identity verification with a quick selfie, AI-liveness confirmation and document authentication.

Adaptive Step-Up

Customize when step-up authentication occurs to stop crypto-theft in real-time. Authenticate identity with seamless cloud biometrics to exchange crypto or reclaim an account.


Get started quickly. Verified can be easily integrated via OIDC or REST API’s, allowing you to deploy passwordless authentication within minutes.