Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication

Get beyond secure.
Get authID secure.

Authenticate the identity of the actual user every time.



Stop Fraud, Account Takeover and Password Phishing

With a quick selfie, Verified™ delivers cloud biometric authentication and anti-spoofing liveness checks that confirm the identity of the true account owner, every time. Replace vulnerable one-time passwords and challenge questions that rely on compromised PII data or answers that customers simply forget.

Delight your users—customers and employees—with seamless biometric multifactor authentication. Get started quickly with our OIDC integration support for leading IAMs.

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Recognise Your Customer

Replace One-Time Passwords and
Knowledge-Based Authentication

  • Easy launch from any web or mobile application
  • Consent secured
  • Selfie captured
  • Biometric matching of selfie to reference template
  • AI-liveness and anti-spoofing confirmation
  • Trusted biometric audit trail

Biometric Authentication for Workforce and Customers

  • Upgrade legacy 2FA with biometric authentication to confirm identity on account changes password resets and privileged access requests.
  • Reduce help desk costs. Gain secure account recovery with a seamless biometric selfie.
  • Deliver trust with seamless, multi-factor authentication for high-value transactions including wire transfers, stock trades and business-to-business payments.
  • Replace knowledge-based authentication in call-center or online chat support centers.

Enjoy our pre-built integrations with leading identity and banking platforms

Secure, Trusted Identity
Authentication & Account Recovery

Secure, Portable
Mobile Identity

Empower today’s mobile workforce and consumers on the go with strong biometric authentication from any desktop or mobile device.


Consent-based, 1:1 biometric matching authenticates users across demographics without bias.

Strong Identity

Always recognize your authorized user—employee or customer—not just their device or pincode.


Get started quickly with our OIDC and pre-integrations that supports defense in depth with minimal resource investment.

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