Identity Management – Healthcare

Stop Identity Fraud with the Human Side of Healthcare Security.

Stop Credential Compromise with Biometric Authentication™

In healthcare, it’s critical that people are who they say they are – arguably more so than in any other industry.

Yet many healthcare providers continue to rely on incomplete, hard-to-use legacy MFA solutions to protect themselves, their employees and their patients.

Overly complicated authentication solutions not only contribute to provider burnout, they can also lead healthcare professionals to look for time-saving workarounds that reduce the need to repeatedly authenticate themselves. This creates compliance issues while also putting sensitive healthcare information at risk.

Verified™ is a Biometric Authentication solution that reliably authenticates every person across all healthcare interactions with unmatched ease, speed, precision, and access.

Placing humans at the center of authentication, authID’s Verified™ builds trust throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem, creating more productive patient interactions and improving healthcare outcomes.

Human-Centric Security

Biometric Authentication uses — a selfie — to guarantee security for healthcare workers and patients.




Our app-free, cloud-based, and device agnostic solution can be used by healthcare professionals and patients, anytime and anywhere authentication is needed.


With less time wasted on complicated, cumbersome, and less secure MFA solutions, providers can devote more time to patient care.

The Problem With Passwords

Fraud is an increasing problem for healthcare organizations, and passwords are the leading cause of security breaches and ransomware.

Verified™ eliminates passwords with seamless FIDO2 passwordless authentication and cloud-biometric security that verifies the true account owner, not just the device.

Supported in-browser on any device, Verified™ enables fast, frictionless authentication that meets the privacy demands of the healthcare environment, while securing your organization and complying with HIPAA privacy regulations.

Biometrics Drives Enhanced Security and Productivity for Healthcare

Improve your
bottom line

Providers can accurately, reliably and swiftly authenticate themselves, increasing productivity and your organization’s bottom line.

Avoid provider

Our simple and seamless authentication solution saves healthcare professionals the frustration of using complicated, time-consuming systems.


Our biometric solution is a quick and easy way for healthcare professionals to maintain HIPAA security compliance regulations.

Improve patient/provider

With less time spent on authentication, providers have more time to focus on patient care and improving healthcare outcomes.


Strong Identity

Advanced biometric authentication solutions give you peace of mind knowing every user is exactly who they say they are.

Flexible Integration

Verified can be easily integrated via OIDC or REST API’s, allowing you to deploy passwordless authentication within minutes.

Self-Service Account

Enables users to recover their accounts themselves without IT help, saving time and giving you more control over your systems.

One Experience
Across All Devices

Our device agnostic and cloud-based solution offers the same authentication experience, regardless of hardware or operating system – no downloads required.