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Watch Our Webinar with Juniper Research: “Accelerating Zero Trust with Unphishable Human Factor Authentication”

Click to Watch the Webinar Replay  Hear from Juniper Research’s Nick Maynard and authID’s SVP Marketing Grace de Fries on how rampant phishing and credential compromise make legacy MFA a thing of the past. Discover how unphishable human factor authentication eliminates passwords, stops account takeover, an

Watch Our Tyfone Partner Spotlight Webinar On the Need for Secure Identity in Fintech

Click Here to Watch a Replay of this Webinar  With 84% of banks experiencing account takeover, are you looking to better protect your banking platform and customers against phishing attacks and fraudulent account takeovers? Hear Chief Product Officer Jeremiah Mason highlight how authID’s Verified can seamlessly

authID 2nd Annual Fintech Cybersecurity Survey Report

authID is pleased to share the results of its Second Annual Fintech Cybersecurity Survey, conducted to assess prevailing attitudes and perceptions on identity authentication solutions and uncover data-driven insights about current and emerging trends in enterprise security. With highly valued assets and data, the finte

Four Security Themes to Keep in Mind this Cybersecurity Awareness Month

By Tom Thimot, CEO and Director, authID. While enterprises should be focused on cybersecurity year-round, October is Cybersecurity Awareness month and a good opportunity for organizations to assess their practices and take stock of security trends. Here are four cybersecurity themes that have emerged this year that sho

Are 2.5 Billion Passwords Now at Risk? Hack of Password Manager Highlights Password Security Risks

By Grace de Fries, SVP Marketing, authID. In August, LastPass, one of the largest password managers with 25 million users, confirmed that it had been hacked. Since researchers have found that the average person has over 100 passwords, this means that potentially more than 2.5 billion passwords could be at risk with the

Addressing the Human Element of Security Breaches

By Tripp Smith, President & CTO, authID. Social engineering attacks exploiting legacy Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) technology have been successful in compromising Twilio, Cisco, Intuit, and other enterprises, this summer. Even as CISOs and IAM Architects supplement passwords with MFA, hackers are finding new w

Executive Spotlight: Annie Pham, authID Chief Financial Officer

Senior finance leader Annie Pham recently joined authID as Chief Financial Officer. She brings more than 20 years of financial expertise to our team, including experience in a key finance leadership role at a Fortune 500 company and across the technology industry, where she scaled teams and built the infrastructure to

Ethical Biometrics High Road Should Be Easy, Yet Many Identity Service Providers Struggle

By Tripp Smith, President & CTO, authID Artificial intelligence and biometric authentication (Biometric AI) when combined create a powerful tool for establishing and protecting identity, and biometric data, analyzed and processed using AI, holds great promise for creating a more secure digital ecosystem. In contras

American Cybersecurity

Facial Biometrics: Protecting America’s Infrastructure from Cyberattack

By Tom Thimot, CEO, authID Between economic sanctions imposed on Russia and White House demands on the private sector to harden cyber defenses, the American cybersecurity ecosystem has reached a boiling point. Following a 2021 executive order to improve national security, the White House Office of Management and Budget

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Peeling the Apple on Passkeys: Progress with Some Shortcomings

By Jeremiah Mason, SVP, Product, authID Apple announced at its Worldwide Developer Conference this week that it will launch passwordless logins across its products this fall, dubbed by WIRED as “the first major real-world shift to password elimination.” And while Apple’s rollout of passkeys is a huge step in the