Can We Talk? I Only Need 700 Milliseconds of Your Time

By Jeff Scheidel, VP of Sales.

Sure, I’m old, but everybody I hang with complains I walk too fast. They can’t keep up. My wife is always telling me to slow down, they won’t run out of beer before we get there, wherever we’re heading.  I figure, I’m not going to live forever, so I want to get in as much stuff as I can. Which is why I absolutely despise being behind folks on escalators or people movers who just STAND THERE.

It just happened to me as I was walking into the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, while I was attending Money2020 this past week. Younger people, seemingly able-bodied, and they just stand, waiting for the gears and steps to push them along. At this point, they’d actually get where they’re going quicker by using the sidewalk. So I regularly excuse myself and blow past them. I want to get places, see stuff, do things. And yes, they might run out of beer before I get there.

If you’re Type A like me, speed is a good thing.

Vegas was exhausting. But it was a great week.  I not only got to see a bunch of old friends from the identity and security business, I had some fantastic meetings with companies that want authID’s market leading tech for biometric verification and authentication. In two days time, I had five breakfasts, six lunches, and six dinners. And at least two beers.

No sooner did I return home from Vegas, I got on another plane the next morning to hit another city for more meetings, and this week yet another city. That’s the advantage of having great tech to talk about.

Money2020 is geared toward financial services, and it’s been a great show for me going on seven years, even though I represent solutions that span several other verticals and use cases. authID biometrically verifies that you are who you claim to be, in order to allow you to securely authenticate to whatever site or portal you need to access in order to interact with your digital assets. This applies to fintech, to standard banking, to public sector, credit unions, workforces, and many others.

It’s not enough to know a password or possess a phone. What happens if your password is stolen, or somebody else gets hold of your device? We digest your physical id doc and your selfie, verify both, verify them TOGETHER, then make your face the root of trust, regardless of what device is in your hand or on your desktop.

Onboarding, authentication, account recovery, elimination of duplicates, these are all the things authID excels at. authID provides a superior, friendly, frictionless user experience, followed by the most accurate and the absolute fastest processing possible. We can crunch the images of your physical id (license, passport, whatever) and your face in just 700 milliseconds. Nobody does it quicker.

What makes users abandon digital onboarding? A lousy, clunky, slow capture and verification process. But authID literally guides you through that capture, takes the pictures FOR you, then validates the id and face in – let me say it again – 700 milliseconds.

The sooner you get registered, the sooner you authenticate, the happier you are, the less time you wasted trying to prove yourself, and the faster you start transacting business, which makes the party on the other end happier too. But we aren’t sacrificing safety for speed. authID still ensures the accuracy of the identity. We provide the highest level of assurance with the least amount of friction.

Security. Accuracy. Speed. The user is happy with the experience, the organization is confident in the viability of the transaction.

700 milliseconds. Blow past the slackers on the people mover of commerce. Give us a call at authID and we’ll get you to where you want to go with user proofing and verification. 700 milliseconds. C’mon, we’ll help you stay ahead of the pack.