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Deepfake detection and Solutionsby authID


By Jeff Scheidel, VP of Sales One rite of passage for baby boomers was faking their way into a bar while underage. If you couldn’t borrow somebody else’s license that kinda looked like you (and which would fool the bouncer) then the alternative was getting a fake id. This typically meant modifying an existing id,&h

Secure biometric authentication from authID stops account takeover

Sacre Bleu! Half Of France Is Breached By The Simplest Hack

How 33 Million Identities Could Have Been Spared The Risk By Jeff Scheidel, VP of Sales A friend of mine in Paris who owns an “appartement” (here, we’d call it a condo) recently had a new sofa delivered. It had to be brought up on a crane and pulled through the window. While this was…

Biometric Authentication from authID

Robots Are Stealing My Stuff

How The Threat Of AI Is Now, Not Later, And The Way To Fight It By Jeff Scheidel, VP of Sales Many years ago, Steve Martin did a comedy bit on Saturday Night Live in which he joked about how people thought he was crazy for thinking that robots were stealing his luggage. But all…

Workforce Authentication from authID

When It Comes To Security And Ease-Of-Use, Don’t Forget The Average Worker

By Jeff Scheidel, VP of Sales. Most often when people speak of cyber-security and user experience, they are referring to consumers. The average joe who banks, buys, entertains, communicates, and educates online is the typically the center of the universe. That’s who makes commerce happen, and much of our commerce is

authID - Prism Catalyst

It’s Official – authID Is Among The Leaders In Biometrics

By Jeff Scheidel, VP of Sales. This past month, FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence published a report on digital identity tech, focusing on helping decision makers in particular verticals choose platforms for securing their users and infrastructures. It’s a fairly comprehensive writeup covering a large num

Can We Talk? I Only Need 700 Milliseconds of Your Time

By Jeff Scheidel, VP of Sales. Sure, I’m old, but everybody I hang with complains I walk too fast. They can’t keep up. My wife is always telling me to slow down, they won’t run out of beer before we get there, wherever we’re heading.  I figure, I’m not going to live forever, so I…

How Do I Trust Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

WHY THE ROOT OF TRUST ABSOLUTELY MATTERS FOR DIGITAL ACCESS by Jeff Scheidel, Vice-President, authID Shakespeare said “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” saying that he would adore Juliet no matter her last name. Alas, our digital world doesn’t look that way. If the name, the SSN, the physical id, th

Watch Our Webinar with Juniper Research: “Accelerating Zero Trust with Unphishable Human Factor Authentication”

Click to Watch the Webinar Replay  Hear from Juniper Research’s Nick Maynard and authID’s SVP Marketing Grace de Fries on how rampant phishing and credential compromise make legacy MFA a thing of the past. Discover how unphishable human factor authentication eliminates passwords, stops account takeover, an

Watch Our Tyfone Partner Spotlight Webinar On the Need for Secure Identity in Fintech

Click Here to Watch a Replay of this Webinar  With 84% of banks experiencing account takeover, are you looking to better protect your banking platform and customers against phishing attacks and fraudulent account takeovers? Hear Chief Product Officer Jeremiah Mason highlight how authID’s Verified can seamlessly