Mobile Biometric Authentication Stops Identity Fraud in Valued Transactions

Drive increased assurance across the customer engagement. Know it’s really your customer requesting an online funds transfer when they authenticate identity using Verified™ biometric authentication. With the ease of a quick selfie, identity fraud can be stopped for any valued transaction or account change.

authID Verified helps FinServ clients extend the value of a “Proofed” identity to deter fraudulent account takeover and customer spoofing attempts. Replace legacy authentication and OTPs with a seamless experience on any browser.  Gain a biometric audit trail that secures your customer’s trust.

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Recognise Your Customer

Know with Certainty When Your Customers Transact

Confirm consent and build secure, multi-factor authentication into every valued transaction.

Stop account takeover. Secure financial transactions. Gain customer trust.

Reduce identity fraud with automated, AI- liveness and anti-spoofing confirmation.

Gain a biometric audit trail for every valued transaction.

Mobile Facial Biometric Authentication is Perfect for Securing Financial Transactions

  • Deliver a More Seamless Knowledge Based Authentication Alternative for Online Banking Transfers, Inter-Banking Wire Transfers & International Money Transfers
  • Provide a Superior Upgrade to 2FA Authentication Solutions for Peer-to-Peer Payments
  • Reduce Corporate Phishing Attacks and Secure Business-to-Business Transactions
  • Secure a Biometric Audit Trail for Valued Stock Trades & Account Transfers
  • Drive Increased Trust and Assurance to Mobile Applications Supporting Non-Banking Money Send Programs, Investments & Online Gaming

Learn how Hamilton Reserve Bank deployed Verified™ to eliminate passwords and stop phishing, and account takeovers with seamless Biometric Authentication.

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Providing our valued customers with a seamless identity experience was paramount to our digital transformation and growth. authID helped HRB comply with rigorous regulatory programs through secure, identity verification and facial biometric matching of the customer.

Biometric authentication has helped us eliminate passwords, and secure critical customer transactions. We look forward to expanding our collaboration with authID to support our rapid global expansion into new markets.”

    Prabhakar Kaza, CEO at HRB

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