Mobile Facial Biometric Authentication

Replace Easily Forgotten Passwords. Gain Identity Assurance on any Transaction.

Stop fraudulent account takeover and identity spoofing with mobile biometric authentication. Help your users say goodbye to passwords. With often forgotten passwords and much compromised login and PII data, can you really trust who is on the other side of every phone call, account change request, funds transfer or purchase?

You can now. With a smile and a selfie, Verified™ delivers mobile facial biometric authentication that offers greater assurance than knowledge-based authentication or other two factor authentication solutions. Verified™ confirms consent to specific transactions and biometrically authenticates a person’s identity in a real-time, seamless user experience.

Seamless Mobile Biometric Authentication

Step 1

  • User launches on a mobile web browser
  • Seamless multifactor authentication UX delivered

Step 2

  • Consent is confirmed
  • Biometric audit trail is captured

Step 3

  • Quick selfie snapped
  • Active Liveness validated

Step 4

  • Biometric matching of selfie to reference template
  • AI-liveness & anti-spoofing confirmation
  • Trusted mobile facial biometric authentication

Seamless User Experience

Step 1

  • Verified launched on a Mobile Web Browser
  • Seamless UX delivered

Step 2

  • Consent is confirmed
  • Audit trail is captured

Step 3

  • Quick Selfie snapped
  • Active Liveness validated

Step 4

  • Biometric matching of selfie to reference template
  • AI-liveness & anti-spoofing confirmation
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Verified is a Strong Knowledge-Based Authentication Alternative

  • Gain Passwordless login – replace easily forgotten passwords with a biometric selfie
  • Reduce fraudulent account takeover across the customer engagement
  • Replace knowledge-based authentication in call-center or online chat support centers
  • Upgrade 2FA authentication solutions with mobile facial biometric authentication to confirm consent and identity on account changes, password resets
  • Deliver trust with seamless, multi-factor authentication for high-value transactions including wire transfers, and stock trades

Enjoy the Highest Level of Speed, Accuracy, Security and Trust


Authenticate users online or in-person with high-speed, accurate mobile biometric authentication


Reduce identity theft risk with automated, AI liveness and anti-spoofing confirmation


Confirm consent and gain a biometric audit trail for every transaction


Launch mobile facial biometric authentication with easy REST API integration


Increase assurance with quick, low-friction user experiences on trusted mobile devices

Launch Verified Immediately or Customize Your Solution

  • Jump into mobile facial biometric authentication with no integration and no IT drain with authID’s Identity Portal
  • Automate mobile biometric authentication by integrating your platform quickly with our IDaaS Platform’s REST API’s
  • Deliver seamless user experiences with our web-browser based mobile biometric authentication
  • Gain higher assurance and security by leveraging the authID Mobile Application for iOS and Android

Stop Identity Fraud Across The Customer Lifecycle

Deliver identity trust in remote onboarding of new customers and employees with biometric identity matching, confirmed with Proof by authID. But don’t stop there…Extend the value of that proofed identity to stop fraudulent account takeover throughout the customer engagement when you harness the power of mobile biometric authentication with Verified by authID.

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