FIDO2 Strong Authentication
Tied to a Trusted Identity

Eliminate Passwords. Enhance Security. Delight Customers.

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Reduce costly password resets, secure your platforms, and eliminate the frustration and security risks of passwords with a solution that authenticates known users across multiple devices. AuthentifID lets your loyal workforce and valued customers enjoy frictionless account registration and authentication to your enterprise systems, website, and mobile apps.

The reuse of passwords across multiple systems and other weak login authentication practices are leading causes of security breaches. Since passwords do not verify the authenticity of a person’s claimed identity, hackers often use them as their gateway into enterprise systems.

AuthentifID™ by Ipsidy delivers trusted FIDO2 strong authentication for passwordless login and transaction authentication tied to a trusted identity. During user registration, AuthentifID leverages Ipsidy’s seamless biometric identity verification service to scan an identity document and take a selfie, to establish a digital chain of trust between biometrically verified individuals, their accounts, and their devices.

AuthentifID Delivers Biometric Certainty to Passwordless Login & Strong Authentication

  • Reduce operational costs of complex password resets.
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities. Stop phishing and password reuse.
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Get rid of often forgotten secret questions.
  • Save hours in employee productivity with quicker login speed and more secure remote access to enterprise systems.
  • Protect users and systems against account takeovers, sim swap attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Enable customers to use biometrics authentication using any FIDO2 registered device.
  • Meet PSD2 payment regulations for strong authentication.
  • Comply with privacy laws (such as GDPR).

See the Benefits of AuthentifID Quickly

  • Configure a simple, fast, and highly secure FIDO2 strong authentication tool into any website or mobile app
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with passwordless login across multiple devices
  • Gain significant cost-savings by eliminating password reset costs and improving helpdesk efficiency
  • Increase workforce productivity with quicker login speed
  • Stop phishing and account takeover. Strengthen security with authentication bound to known devices & identities.