Cares Act Compliant, Digital Identity Verification
for State Unemployment Agencies

Stop Identity Fraud in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Benefits Enrollment

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It has been reported that over 36 billion dollars were stolen in 2020 by criminals filing fraudulent unemployment claims under the names of other people. Now in the recently enacted Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021, Congress mandated that State agencies administering Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) claims verify the identity of unemployed applicants. The Act also provides federal funding to help state agencies implement new identity verification procedures.

Proof by Ipsidy harnesses mobile technology, biometric matching of a selfie to government credentials and automated validation of US driver’s licenses to make identity fraud a thing of the past. Launch Proof today with an easy API integration into your web-enabled unemployment claims portal or get started immediately with our Identity Portal. Stop identity fraud and ensure that the financial assistance gets into the hands of those in need.


  • Reduced Identity Fraud
  • Regulatory Compliance with the Identity Verification Mandate
  • Biometric & Credential Certainty of Beneficiary Identities
  • Seamless & Quick User Experiences
  • Easy API integration into Web-Enabled Unemployment Claims Portals
  • Congressional Allocation of Funds for Expenses Related to Identity Verification Procedures