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Facial Biometrics Enhance Enterprise Security and Productivity, While Providing Consistent Omni-Channel Identity Authentication

Every enterprise and their customer support agents need to ensure they are interacting with the rightful account owner.

Conventional authentication methods often provide weak security and can cause significant customer inconvenience and dissatisfaction.

With a multitude of stolen identity data up for sale on the dark web and increasing fraudulent account takeover attempts, adding biometric multi-factor authentication helps to filter out identity fraud and curb account takeover. Facial biometric multi-factor authentication offers a seamless user authentication experience across all customer channels with improved efficiency and enhanced security and trust.


Knowledge-Based Authentication Creates Customer Dissatisfaction and is not Reliable

Today, contact centers predominantly rely on Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA). This identification process requires asking the customer for personal information such as details to their last four transactions, mother’s maiden name, and secret phrases.

2018 report from Neustar revealed that 92% of contact centers still use KBA processes in customer verification. The  2019 report from their subsidiary, TRUSTID, Inc., however, showed that 46% of customers are frustrated with current authentication approaches, including KBA.

Knowledge-based authentication is not a reliable means of verifying identity as the data can easily be forgotten or likely be stolen. Identity interrogation is also time-intensive and often results in service delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Mobile Facial Biometrics Provide Enhanced Security and Certainty

Mobile biometric authentication offers more secure customer authentication that stops identity spoofing attempts in its tracks. Outdated KBA, SMS entry codes, and two-factor authentication should be replaced.

Mobile biometrics drive increased assurance across the customer engagement and deliver a biometric audit trail that reduces customer disputes.

Customers enjoy the simplicity of a mobile selfie captured in a trusted mobile device to authenticate identity and verify system access, account changes and business transactions.

Liveness detection and anti-spoofing technology confirms the presence of a real person and not an attempt to impersonate the true account holder. Customers may be asked to turn their heads, smile or blink to confirm liveness.

Together facial biometrics and robust liveness detection stop identity fraud and account takeover, ultimately delivering enhanced security and trust.


Mobile Facial Biometrics Enhance Agent Productivity

When one authID customer deployed mobile facial biometrics in their call center and customer authentication process, they cited a reduction in their customer verification time by over 60%.

authID’s facial biometric authentication allowed their agents to be more productive in addressing requests from more customers, thereby creating operational efficiencies that helped increase profitability.


Mobile Facial Biometrics Provide Secure, User-Friendly Experience for Omni-Channel Identification 

Whether online, on the phone, via chat support, or in-store, customers today demand convenient and consistent identification experiences.

Facial biometric authentication offers a more accurate identity authentication experience with lower user friction than KBA, thus enhancing customer satisfaction. Biometric modalities like voice and face, coupled with other authentication factors, increase security when customers request access to certain information or services.

Voice authentication, however, while used by many call centers, does not work for online chat. Facial biometric authentication works for both platforms and creates the same seamless, customer identification process regardless of the support channel.



Conventional authentication strategies are costly, time-intensive, and ripe for high rates of customer dissatisfaction and identity fraud. Traditional identity verification processes should be replaced in favor of a more secure, facial biometrics authentication solution. Moreover, customer authentication is streamlined, agent productivity is increased, and customer experience is enhanced across all channels.

Verified™, authID’s facial biometric multi-factor authentication solution, delivers seamless and secure customer identification across multiple customer touchpoints. Verified™ provides enhanced security that optimizes productivity and customer service while stopping fraudulent account takeover.


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