Fortify Office 365 Access With Facial Biometrics

Drive Zero-Trust Workforce Identity with
Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication

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Secure Office 365 and Azure Via ADFS.
Reduce Account Takeover and Fraud.

Defend your enterprise platform, data, and assets against known tactics like phishing, account takeovers, and credential stuffing attacks with NIST AAL2 conformant authentication.

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Your endpoints are as diverse as your workforce.

Support them universally with Verified CloudConnect for Office 365 and Azure via ADFS.

Enhance MFA Security

Deploy advanced facial biometrics as a second factor of authentication instead of one-time passwords. Eliminate the costs of deploying and supporting cumbersome authentication hardware. Gain defense in depth with minimal resource investment.

Always Know It’s Your Employee Behind the Device

Legacy MFA simply verifies that a registered device received and entered a code. Verified CloudConnect for Office 365 confirms the user is present and authenticates identity with AI-powered, liveness and anti-spoofing confirmation and 1:1 biometric matching.

Employ Portable Identities

Your workforce demands convenience. Verified CloudConnect for Office 365, with a selfie captured in-browser, secures SSO access from any device and across platforms without storing the biometric locally.

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Secure, Universal SSO Access Via ADFS for Azure AD and O365

Identity Assurance
Strong Authentication

Know its really your employee accessing your Microsoft platform. Eliminate risks of vulnerable legacy authentication that simply do not authenticate the user.


Consent-based, 1:1 biometric matching authenticates users across demographics with ease and certainty. Encrypted biometric templates authenticate without storing PII data.

Secure, Portable
Mobile Identity

Protected SSO access from any desktop or mobile device. Deliver secure, convenient enterprise tools that empower today’s mobile, decentralized workforces.

Fast Implementation
and Realized Value

Get started quickly with a simple installation of the Verified CloudConnect plugin for ADFS on your domain controller. Support defense in depth with minimal resource investment.

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