Zero-Trust Authentication Solutions
For a More Secure Digital Work Environment

Rapid digitalization has made modern enterprises vulnerable to cyberattacks, phishing, social engineering, and mobile device-related threats. With the ubiquity of remote work and cybercriminals gaining increasing sophistication, enterprises need over-arching zero-trust authentication solutions to protect their sensitive data, intellectual property, assets, business intelligence, and most importantly, business reputation and revenue.

authID offers cutting-edge zero-trust solutions specially designed for enterprises, which eliminate credential-based risks by introducing passwordless authentication processes.

With privacy and security built into their DNA, our biometric solutions provide uncompromising remote and on-premise access security without taking a toll on your employees’ productivity or the platform’s user experience.

Data Breaches in Modern Enterprises

Enterprises have been battling phishing, ransomware, credential-based attacks, and cyberthreats for a long time. But the integration of digital technology with workflows has exponentially increased the risk of security and data breaches. 

The concept of remote work has left many organizations fearing increased cyberattacks as many of them have already been victimized by this menace, causing losses worth millions of dollars. 

Weak security and legacy authentication systems are giving way to workforce-led vulnerabilities that are not only exposing enterprises to higher risks of cybercrime but are also threatening businesses’ reputation, continuity, and bottom line.

Effective Authentication and Security – A Challenge for the Enterprise

Modern organizations are battling on many fronts to keep their infrastructure patched, updated, and aligned with modern security requirements. Some of these challenges include:

  • Implementation of an overarching security framework that addresses the change in the workplace environment and accounts for the contemporary security needs 
  • Effective employee verification
  • Development and integration of a zero-trust security solution that protects the enterprise from remote and on-premise security risks
  • Building an effective security infrastructure without dragging down collaboration, productivity, or user experience for their workforce 
  • Implementing effective authentication and security solutions while remaining within their budget 
  • Raising employee awareness and training their workforce about cyberthreats 
  • Battling phishing attacks, ransomware, and other such cybercrimes that threaten their business reputation and bottom line

Verified ID Platform – authID’s Solution to the Modern Enterprise’s Authentication Problems

authID’s Verified ID platform provides the preferred authentication solutions for workforces. We offer highly adoptable, agnostic, integrable, and cost-effective solutions for a myriad of authentication and anti-fraud scenarios. 

Our solutions leverage facial biometrics and FIDO (Fast Identity Online) authentication for uncompromising, passwordless security systems. authID integrates seamlessly with your existing technology, allowing Verified to orchestrate the collection and usage of risk and trust signals across the cybersecurity stack to provide a dynamic, frictionless authentication experience. 

authID’s authentication solutions significantly reduce the overall cost of fraud and data breaches. Building on liveness detection and biometric technology, our platform performs real-time authentication through the live-face of the user, thereby reducing the incidence of fraud and false-positive rates and therefore, reducing operational expenses.

Verified ID Workforce Authentication Platform – Industry Benefits

Smooth Multi-factor

Passwords fail to provide the robust security you need to battle modern cyber threats. Hence, credential-based authentication leaves your systems and assets vulnerable to inside and outside attacks. 

authID’s Verified-powered authentication solutions replace credentials with zero-trust biometric technologies, giving you better control over your systems’ access, and providing quicker, smoother access for your workforce.

Top-notch Security

authID’s Verified integrates advanced facial biometrics as an authentication factor in the MFA process. This, powered by liveness detection technology, promises uncompromising ID verification. Additionally, advanced facial biometrics on the primary user device also provides device verification, ensuring that an authorized user is requesting access from it. 

These cutting-edge technology-driven solutions prevent privilege misuse, unauthorized access, and data exfiltration, promising better security and greater peace of mind.

Uncompromising Solutions

authID is a software-only solution, which means it requires minimal upfront investment and maintenance, enabling you to speed up your enterprise security endeavors. Being cost-effective and customizable, authID’s solution empowers you to securely implement bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and self-service account backups for your employees.

Protection Against
Prevalent Cyberthreats

Our zero-trust solutions eliminate passwords, effectively diffusing all internal and external cyber threats and securing access to your sensitive assets and data without compromising employee productivity.


authID supports on-premise or hybrid cloud deployments. Our software program integrates seamlessly with all major Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms and cloud providers, ensuring that you can promptly deploy frictionless and sophisticated authentication solutions.

Verified also integrates with your existing apps and flows and other cybersecurity tools.

Credential-based Risks

Your employees can put your organization at a higher risk of credential-based crimes, privacy breaches, and inside attacks. 

authID offers greater protection against these risks. 

Our solutions build on advanced multi-modal biometric solutions and leverage liveness detection technology to ensure that only trusted employees can access your sensitive assets. 

Even in the event of credential compromise, the liveness detection feature prevents illegitimate actors from accessing the system. This adds another layer of security, which ensures that your organization is secure, even if it still relies on passwords as the first layer of security.

One-time Registration

Using authID, your users register only once through biometric authentication. After that, they can securely access their digital accounts from a trusted device.

Remote Onboarding with IAL2

Verified onboards with IAL2, performing ID proofing and allowing swift registration and login. Our solutions secure your onboarding activities, regardless of where they occur, ensuring the employees requesting access are really who they claim to be.

Lower Total
Cost of Ownership

Verified can integrate with your existing MFA process and work as a second authentication factor, removing the risk of credential-based attacks without additional investment for maintenance and implementation of a new authentication solution and with no material costs of labor, training, or need of additional headcount or FTE.

Boosts Efficiency,
Cuts Down Operating Costs

authID’s Verified platform, being applicable for many use cases, positively impacts B2B, B2C, and B2E operational efficiency. With no complex provisioning and a cloud-based identity, Verified is easy to implement, requiring no extra hardware or training and adding no burden on the users for implementation and maintenance.

The authID Advantage

Unparalleled Employee

We help you stop fraudsters and bots in their tracks. With advanced AI algorithms, authID offers unmatched employee identification solutions, ensuring you have high assurance regarding your employees’ identity and that compromised passwords become almost obsolete for you.

Uncompromising Security

Our zero-trust authentication solutions build on cutting-edge, privacy-first technologies, ensuring your data and assets are better protected against cyberattacks.

Independent Backup and Recovery

Using authID’s solutions, you can easily claim access to your accounts without repeating the KYC process or looking for support from the helpdesk staff.

Seamless Integration

authID solutions integrate seamlessly with all major IAM platforms, making it easier for you to promptly implement and benefit from our authentication solutions. 

You can include Verified at any point in your authentication process to mitigate risk and fortify security.

Reinforce Security,
Maintain User Experience

authID’s authentication solutions replace secondary devices and extra authentication steps with frictionless and highly adoptable processes. Users can now verify their ID with a simple selfie. And to make it better, they can use any device with a camera for it, with no stringent, unnecessary cell phone authenticator app or hardware requirements. 

Customizable Integration,
Better Fraud Protection

Our solutions feature an API-first design and integration with Auth0’s “Actions” platform. authID offers no/low code implementation, promising easy integration within your existing threat stack and providing over-arching fraud and risk protection.