Digital Identity Verification for Remote Onboarding

Establish Security & Trust with Mobile Identity Proofing

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Onboard new customers from anywhere with speed and identity certainty. Reduce fraud and eliminate costly in-person identification processes. Ipsidy harnesses mobile technology, liveness confirmation and biometric matching of a selfie to verified credentials making the fear of identity fraud a thing of the past.

Know with biometric certainty who your customers are with the highest level of integrity and assurance every time. Step up certainty with automated data validation of US, Canadian or Mexican driver’s licenses that allows you to onboard the rightful owner of those credentials.

Verify Identity Anywhere, Anytime

Drive trust throughout your business

  • Customer Onboarding
  • E-Commerce Customer Verification
  • Online Marketplace Seller Identification
  • Age Identification
  • Tele-Medicine Patient Verification
  • Healthcare Employee Onboarding
  • Gig-Economy Contractor Onboarding
  • Remote Vendor/Supplier Identification


  • Trusted User Identities
  • Seamless User Experiences
  • Reduced Fraud
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiencies
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Speed to Market
  • Low Cost Market Entry