Working from Home Drives Demand for ID Verification

Before today, most of your workforce came to your place of business, and perhaps only a few of your workers were authorized for discrete WFH days. Suddenly in the space of just a few days, most if not all your employees are working from home as an imperative to protect them from harm and as a government mandate. But what about protecting your company from harm? Are you concerned your systems credentials may fall into the depths of the dark web? Do you worry that someone posing as a senior manager emails your corporate controller instructing them to send money to a fake account?

Unfortunately, data hacks are everywhere, and even the best-prepared companies can be vulnerable. Email phishing, SIM cloning, and social engineering are a constant threat creating attack vectors to critical business systems. And now with today’s social distancing, there are widespread reports including warnings from the US Secret Service that these types of attacks have escalated dramatically in recent days, thereby making your business even more vulnerable.

What is Identity Verification?

Identity verification was first developed to help companies comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. As the world becomes digitized, identity verification is now a vital component of protecting any business. So what is identity verification? Identity verification is the process of making sure user or customer information is associated with the identity of a real person. 

If your staff are dispersed around the world or working from home, how can you properly secure your company from harm’s way? 

Working Remotely Presents New Challenges

Last week when you and your employees chatted at the watercooler or sat together in your team meeting, you knew who you were working with. But now with teams flung far and wide, your business is more exposed to these attack vectors that can result in costly data breaches.  Today, when you issue or reset system access credentials to remote employees do you know with certainty who you have just given the keys to your kingdom to? 

Know Your Employees…Remotely. 

authID’s Identity Portal offers an immediate biometric identification and authentication service that can harden your WFH process. Simply login to our Portal and trigger an Identity Proofing request to each remote worker. Employees use the convenience of their own mobile devices to quickly capture their selfies and a government ID to verify identity. Now you have gained assurance that the employee who chatted at the watercooler last week is the same as the one who is working from afar.

Issue WFH Credentials…Securely

Once you have secured proofed remote identities, authID can extend the value of that confirmation to help you lock down your WFH credentials. With our Identity Portal, your team can issue system’s credentials to “proofed’ employees with peace of mind. Send reset codes and passwords via our out-of-band, private encrypted channel, directly to the employee’s registered mobile device. Know with certainty that the keys to your kingdom are delivered only to that device and only to that employee—all assured by facial biometric authentication.

Drive Identity Certainty Throughout your WFH Processes

And it doesn’t end with securing password resets. authID can help you gain certainty and obtain auditable biometric consent to any corporate transaction you deem of high-value or high-risk—including requesting access to corporate files, issuing IT change orders, and securing bill payment authorizations and payroll disbursements.  

Drive Digital Identity Certainty Now—With No Integration

The best news is that this valued assurance can be at your fingertips in minutes, without any complex integration or costly hardware. Our Identity Portal is accessible via any web browser and the authID mobile app is available for download in both the Apple and Google Play stores.  Call us now and we will configure our Identity Portal to meet your corporate use-cases and get your team set up at the touch of a button. Your managers will simply log in to our portal, select an enrolled employee from the list, verify their identity, and then enter reset passcodes and hit send.  That’s it. That’s all it takes to drive identity certainty across your WFH processes and provide increased assurance to your business during these uncertain times.