Introducing Verified 2.11.0 – Enabling Dynamic Enrollment for Customers

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Introducing Verified 2.11.0 – Enabling Dynamic Enrollment for Customers

Recognizing that a portion of our customers’ users may not be willing to or may not be able to utilize our Verified Selfie™ functionality, authID recently released a new enhancement to our biometric authentication solution, Verified – “Dynamic Enrollment.”

What is Dynamic Enrollment?

This essential capability added to Verified in version 2.11.0 allows our customers to offer users a choice of identity verification options at the time of enrollment. This gives users the option to secure transactions with their own biometrics or receive one-time passcodes (OTPs) via SMS – completely based on their personal preferences.

Existing customers can also empower their users to choose between their active cameras during in-line authentication, without changing their browser settings.

Dynamic Enrollment offers Verified deployers the following:
• Authentication of the actual user, not just the device
• Biometric step-up authentication for any situation
• User choice of strong, identity-backed authentication options
• Integration with existing cyber stacks to increase security
• Portable authentication across all of a user’s devices

Why was Dynamic Enrollment developed?

We developed dynamic enrollment to provide our customers with a scalable, iterative way to roll out biometric authentication across their user bases and provide features that aid in enterprise change management and technology adoption. First, we identified typical organizational concerns when it came to biometric authentication and privacy and found that the most prominent was resistance to suddenly ‘mandating’ that all users must use biometrics as of a certain date. We also kept in mind that there are a significant number of users with a diverse set of devices, operating systems, and/or preferences whose needs had to be met was also considered.

In enabling user choice of strong authentication methods, Verified Dynamic Enrollment offers its customers a unique set of options not provided by competing solutions.

We also recognized that there was a need for detailed reporting measures so that organizations can monitor the adoption of Verified Selfie™ across user bases. Dynamic Enrollment provides feedback on whether a user selected SMS or biometrics to authenticate their identity based on various reporting metrics, including how many users who previously used OTPs chose to upgrade to biometrics, the number of users who began biometric enrollment and either failed or succeeded completion, the total number of successful biometric vs. SMS authentications, and more. This gives crucial data as enterprises track and manage shifts to stronger authentication methods.

What are the benefits of Dynamic Enrollment for our customers?

Catering to those who either do not wish to or are unable to enroll using a Verified Selfie™ was our main priority when developing Dynamic Enrollment and is the most important benefit resulting from this capability. With it, organizations can seamlessly and effectively support the needs of these individuals, ensuring that they can still utilize an organization’s services regardless of their personal preferences, demographics, or socioeconomic status.

Dynamic Enrollment also delivers enhanced insight for organizations deploying our Verified solution. Using the reporting measures put in place, organizations can use the data gathered from the solution to gain insights into user behavior. This allows our customers to create offers on the customer identity and access management (CIAM) side of the business or monitor employee access to sensitive information for the workforce side. IT also provides customers with the ability to identify attempted breach patterns on both the workforce and CIAM sides.

Lastly, Dynamic Enrollment allows Verified to be rolled out in controlled phases, streamlining the deployment of the technology and continuing to allow users to opt out of using biometrics. In fact, organizations can gradually increase the percentage of the user population leveraging Verified Selfie™ over time by setting the probability between 0 and 100% that a user will receive the option of SMS OTP or Verified Selfie™ and slowly more frequently suggesting the use of biometrics.


We are proud to have developed a solution that allows our customers to dynamically offer their users the chance to enroll their biometrics for use in authentication challenges, without forcing them to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable. By leveraging the convergence of cloud biometrics and device authentication, Verified delivers an unmatched level of identity assurance and helps our customers solve ongoing verification needs to create a differentiated user experience.

To learn more about our Verified solution, contact authID today at 1 (516) 778-5639 or click here to schedule a demo. For additional details on the technical specifications for Dynamic Enrollment, click here.