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Verified and Cloud Biometrics Replaces Legacy One-Time Passwords and Vulnerable Knowledge-Based Authentication

  • Gain self-service password and account recovery – replace frustrating one-time passwords with a secure, seamless cloud-biometric selfie
  • Reduce fraudulent account takeover across the customer engagement
  • Replace knowledge-based authentication in call-center or online chat support centers
  • Upgrade 2FA authentication solutions with mobile facial biometric authentication to confirm consent and identity on account changes, password resets
  • Deliver trust with seamless, multi-factor authentication for high-value transactions including wire transfers, and stock trades

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Mobile Facial Biometric Authentication

Replace Frustrating One-Time Passwords and Vulnerable Knowledge-Based Authentication.

Gain Identity Assurance on any Transaction.

Upgrade your legacy authentication services. Stop fraudulent account takeover and identity spoofing with mobile, facial-biometric authentication. Say goodbye to customer frustration with one-time passwords and vulnerabilities that arise from secret questions and answers that may have been compromised.

With one selfie, Verified™ offers greater assurance than legacy authentication solutions since it ties a face to an account, not just a code, an answer or a device. Verified™ confirms consent to specific transactions and biometrically authenticates a person’s identity in a real-time, seamless user experience. Reduce enterprise password reset costs and delight customers with a seamless, authentication and self-service account recovery experience.

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