The Top 6 Onfido Alternatives

Onfido’s mission is to provide a new standard of identity online by helping enterprises digitally identify people. Their identity verification solution matches a government-issued ID to a person’s facial biometrics to assist enterprises in onboarding customers and employees. Onfido uses AI-based technology to power their biometric and document verification solutions.

A solution like this is great for businesses that are looking for a way to securely and effectively do employee background checks and onboard new customers. Onfido’s product is meant to minimize friction, prevent identity fraud, and secure privacy.

Onfido offers a strong verification solution but for those looking for an alternative we’ve pulled together a list of the best options:


Verified by authID is an identity verification solution that allows employers, businesses, institutions and organizations to remotely proof a person’s identity using different types of Government-issued credentials.

Verified provides identity and transaction authentication for high-integrity business interactions like major financial transactions, application and enrollment processes, new customer, employee, and student on-boarding, sale of age-restricted product, building access verification, and more.

Using the camera on any Apple or Android smart phone, Verified scans an ID to extract critical information and reads and validates meaningful data that’s stored in ePassports and eIDs to provide an official identity check. No hardware needed – the customer captures a real-time selfie that is matched against the facial image stored within ePassport or eID chips or printed on government issued IDs and verifies identity.

Verified can be integrated with your platform or easily accessed from the secure authID Identity Portal allowing agents to simply enter a mobile phone number to deliver a request to a prospective customer or employee who uses authID’s mobile app to complete the process in seconds.


HireRight helps companies hire new employees by implementing a variety of background check processes and services. They work with over 40,000 companies from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

Their solutions are simple and streamline operations to make onboarding new employees faster.  HireRight’s services can be integrated in a variety of industries including: transportation, healthcare, education, retail, financial services, etc.  Services include:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Identity Checks
  • Global Screening
  • Verifications


Alloy assists financial services, banks, and fintech companies in onboarding new customers by managing KYC processes and preventing identity fraud. Alloy’s solution is deployed via a single API and dashboard.

Their solution aims to increase customer conversion, improve the overall experience, and fight account takeover fraud. Alloy’s centralized and automated system offers audit trails and reporting and can be integrated wherever you have customers opening an account.


Checkr offers a simple and easy way for potential new hires to submit their information when applying for a new job and for hiring managers and HR representatives to monitor and oversee the entire hiring process. Checkr is used by external staffing and recruiting teams but can also be implemented by an internal recruiting team.

Checkr’s solution has benefits for the recruiters, the clients, and the prospective employees. It offers a mobile-friendly dashboard that is easy for applicants to use that offers support and real-time status reports of their background checks. For the recruiters and clients, the software offers color-coded reports, detailed reporting and analytics, smarter criminal classification, and faster turnaround time.

Checkr provides API and HR integration with ATS systems. Additional benefits include compliance management and an increase in recruiter productivity.


Gemalto improves business operations by offering digital services for a variety of different use cases. In this case, their ID/Document Verification product is a relevant alternative to Onfido. Gemalto offers a way to onboard more users securely and combat fraud at the same time.

Their digital ID management platform securely performs the ID Verification process: the collection, verification, and enrollment of customer’s digital identities. Gemalto’s solution can be used online, via mobile app, or via a flatbed scanner and document reader. These mediums capture the image and data, verify the document, and then perform face matching with liveness detection.


Yoti is another option that provides identity verification via a mobile phone and using IDs and QR codes. The various solutions Yoti offer include:

  • Identity Verification: Scanning a driver’s to send to Yoti without the need for photocopies
  • Age Verification
  • Authentication: Using unique biometrics to log into an account


Digitally identifying customers and employees is a way to speed up and streamline business operations and onboarding processes. There are a variety of methods and option out there to secure and maintain these processes that may fit your needs.